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The Public Option is Single-Payer by Stealth

John on June 9, 2009 at 8:19 am

John Gaudette is a spokesperson for Healthcare for America Now, the liberal umbrella group pushing the “public option” as the key piece of health reform. Here he is speaking to a small group of people in Chicago on May 11, 2009. The woman beside him is a single-payer advocate who is irritated by HCAN’s incrementalism. Gaudette makes the point that once the public option passes, it’s just a matter of time.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course if this sounds familiar that’s because it’s practically the same thing said by Rep. Schakowsky in that infamous video of her speaking to another HCAN gathering. This clip doesn’t really add anything new to the mix, except to point out that the public option “strategy” isn’t something Schakowsky imagined. This is the thinking from top to bottom on the left. If they can ram this through Congress, they’ll be able to “fix” it later. Fixing it means putting private insurance out of business and turning the public option into the only option.

And that brings me to my second clip of the morning. Here is Senator Grassley explaining why the Democrats promises of consumer choice in health care will turn out to be a sham:

YouTube Preview Image

The public option has nothing to do with the goal of lowering costs. It’s not even a necessary step in universal coverage. The public option is a way for Democrats to get a Canadian style single-payer system without telling the American people that’s what they’re doing.

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