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Healthcare Reform: The False Promise of Bipartisanship (Video)

Morgen on June 7, 2009 at 9:22 pm

In case you haven’t noticed, the big White House push for healthcare reform has begun. President Obama’s weekly radio address on Saturday focused exclusively on his arguments for reform and the need for Congress to “work together” to get legislation completed this year. Meanwhile, The Washington Times reports that Republican Senator Chuck Grassley blasted President Obama (on Twitter) for having the nerve to call-out legislators to push the healthcare reform bill forward while he was sightseeing with his family in Paris.

However, I can say almost assuredly that Senator Grassley’s real frustration is not directed at the President for spending a couple of days in France. Grassley has been front and center in a game of deception that started not long after the Inauguration. Since early March, the President and other high profile members of his Administration have been earnestly declaring their intention to work on a bipartisan basis to craft healthcare reform legislation. Senator Grassley is one of a small handful of Republican legislators, acting on good faith, who actually believed them. But now that the first draft of an actual bill (Sen. Kennedy’s) has been put forward - with zero involvement on the part of any Republican – Senator Grassley is not happy.

And Kennedy’s bill is only an opening salvo. Key Democrats are going to be hard at work over the next few weeks merging their various ideas into a single bill. The President is jumping into the fray to help ensure they don’t get bogged down in the process. But the one thing they are in full agreement on is to ignore any ideas or solutions from Republicans.

I put together a quick video highlighting some of the Administration’s phony promises of bipartisanship throughout the year. As an added bonus, I found a video of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) speaking at a convention of liberal activists on June 3, the day after President Obama hosted a group of key Democrat legislators to lay out the timetable for moving the healthcare legislation forward. In revealing some details discussed at this meeting, Sen. Brown makes it very clear that President Obama and the Democratic leadership could really care less about bipartisanship. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

A key factor enabling the Democrats to be so cavalier in lying about this is that if necessary they plan on passing this legislation using the budget reconciliation process. This will bypass the threat of any filibuster. Fifty-one votes will be all it will take to enact the biggest government entitlement program in the history of our nation. Our only hope is that enough moderate Senators will get cold feet and push back at the Democratic leadership for the way they are steamrolling this process forward. There is also still hope that there won’t be enough support by moderates to include the public plan in the final bill. The public plan, after all, is the real objective for those on the far-left (including Obama) who are driving this. And it also happens to be the biggest lie of all.

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