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Video: Originalist Senator Schumer Expounds on His Disdain for Activist Judges…Under Bush

Morgen on May 27, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Senator Schumer is a Constitutional originalist – who knew? Take a look at these choice video clips from the 2003-2005 timeframe where the good Senator holds forth on the sanctity of the Constitution and his abhorrence for any judge – conservative or liberal – who would seek to legislate from the bench.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course at the time he was speaking out in opposition to Bush judicial nominees, such as Miguel Estrada who could have been the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court. Now contrast what Sen. Schumer had to say then with his initial line of attack this past Tuesday against any who might seek to oppose Judge Sotomayor’s nomination. By the Senator’s own earlier standard, it is entirely reasonable to question Sotomayor’s suitability for the Court…just on the basis of her 2005 statement alone. And of course there are other legitimate areas of concern.

For the record, I think the Republican leadership in the Senate is taking the correct approach in not pre-judging Sotomayor’s candidacy. She deserves a fair, courteous, and thorough confirmation process – and the chance to explain her prior statements. But Senate Democrats: in the meantime, please spare us all of the spin about the importance of “empathy” and life experiences. It’s making my hair stand on end.


Just found this video embedded on Gateway Pundit:

YouTube Preview Image

Wow, now I really don’t see how Sen. Schumer can justify his support given the additional statements Sotomayor is said to have made in that journal in 1996. Senator Schumer??

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