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White House Press Secretary Gibbs Responds to Verum Serum

Morgen on May 26, 2009 at 1:33 pm

Predictable spin from the White House Press Secretary on the controversial past comments made by Judge Sotomayor which were first brought to light right here on this blog:

I find it interesting that the White House has chosen an initial strategy of claiming Sotomayor’s quotes were out of context as opposed to defending them on the substance of what she had to say. Predictable, yes, but it’s not a very well thought-out strategy because it just so happens that both of the quotes were completely IN CONTEXT! In fact, I took great pains to do so and even highlighted a link to the full video clip in the case of the “court is where policy is made” comment.

I am certain Judge Sotomayor will not get off so easy with this in the confirmation process.

And by the way, yes, of course I think it is very cool that the President of the U.S. has apparently watched a clip that I posted on YouTube. Mr. President, have you seen my clip on your public healthcare plan?


Another clip from Gibbs later on in the press conference today here – apparently not everyone in the media is buying his spin. The only thing that would make this any better would be if he claimed that she was misquoted!:

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