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Shooting Spree Suspects Had Satanic Bible

John on September 14, 2006 at 8:20 am

Here’s the story from the Arizona Republic:

Phoenix police seized an arsenal of weapons, a satanic bible and books on “stupid criminals” and “getting even” from the home of two men accused of randomly shooting people across the Valley in a 14-month spree, according to search warrants released Wednesday.

Samuel Dieteman, 30, and Dale Hausner, 33, also had a Phoenix map book and newspaper clippings about the serial shootings that began in May 2005 and left seven dead and 17 others wounded.

When police searched the apartment where the two men lived it was like turning over a rock:

A glass pipe on the microwave, a “wood box containing white rocklike substance and lighters” on top of the refrigerator, a small baggie with a “powdery white substance” on top of the TV and a meth pipe on the nightstand in the bedroom.

A dozen shotguns and rifles in the master bedroom, hall closet and behind the couch, as well as an air gun, a blow gun, three BB guns and ammunition.

A black T-shirt with white supremacy symbols, the map book, a black bandana with skulls, and black gloves in a cardboard box near the front door.

The satanic bible was on the coffee table.

Yeah, that’s where I keep my copy of the Satanic Bible. It’s a great conversation starter.

Seriously, these guys were obviously druggies with rascist leanings. There’s no evidence that the satanic bible was anything but a prop meant to show how “bad” they were. In other words, these guys weren’t performing rituals (no black candles or dead chickens) they were informal satanists.

For those not familar with the content of the satanic bible, it’s core teachings are not about magic and satan worship, but atheism and a kind of pragmatic ethics. The first section of the book is titled Wanted – God Dead or Alive. Wikipedia notes:

This short essay provides an essentially atheistic approach to Satanism, and indicts Judeo-Christian religion and prayer as hypocritical and unrealistic. Further, it clarifies the Satanic approach to the question of God:

…the Satanist simply accepts the definition which suits him best. Man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him. To the Satanist “God”…is seen as the balancing force in nature, and not as being concerned with suffering.

In other words, this is a “god” Richard Dawkins could embrace.

In general, the book exalts selfishness in all things and argues that whatever man does is natural for man. The core of this teaching is summed up by the maxim: Do what thou wilt. It’s a philosophy which, despite the trappings, has more in common with Epicureanism or the philosophy Ayn Rand than it does with Christian theism. In a word, the satanic bible is essentially an atheist tract.

I doubt these two psychos knew any of that, they were just trying to be cool by leaving this on the coffee table. But as it happens there actions line up perfectly with the book’s maxim. If they felt like killing strangers, well…Do what thou wilt.

Finally, I can’t help notice some similarities to another duo who went on a random shooting spree. The columbine killers also enjoyed the satanic trappings (in the form of DOOM and Marilyn Manson) but as I described here, their core convictions were distinctly atheist in nature.

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