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MSM: What, Me Worry?

John on September 11, 2006 at 12:57 am

Sweetness and Light highlights this article in the latest issue of time. This paragraph in particular stands out:

[B]etween now and the November voting, Bush is likely to find that opportunities for spinning news about terrorism, which tends to help the Republicans, will come up less often than bad news about his millstone, Iraq. The day after his East Room talk, at least 45 people died in violence in Iraq. It wasn’t even a particularly bad day.

Nice, unbiased coverage there. And, yes, I’m sure Time is going to do its level best to make sure Bush’s “millstone” is firmly around his neck between now and November.

whatmeworry.jpgWhat’s interesting is how similar this line of attack is to the one I noted from ABC’s Nightline a few days ago. Then there was today’s NY Times piece. That same piece heralds a related PBS special airing next month. In each case the underlying message is the same: The threat to our safety is not that great. Not really. And if there isn’t a real threat, then Americans should feel free to vote Democrat this fall.

This clever little bit of media ju-jitsu has one important downside. Once people decide to ignore terror warnings as “exaggerated”, they may not stop ignoring them until another attack shocks them back to reality. Becuase the reality is this: The terrorists are still trying to kill us. Vigilance is not the best course, it’s the only course.

If Ned Lamont tells us anything it’s that a lot of people in this country would love an excuse to extract ourselves from present reality. That’s the Dem message this fall. They’ve become the “What, me worry?” party. The MSM, as always, are eager to help them spread the word.

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