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Bizarre Neighbors

Cindy on May 16, 2009 at 4:19 pm

Thought I’d lighten things up a little with a few pictures of interesting creatures that have recently been found.

Snail Eating Snake. This is an Amazonian snail eater. It uses its slender jaws to draw into the snail shell as the snail withdraws and retracts to hide. Then basically slurps the snail out, ripping it from the shell.

Ophiacantha Brittlestar
An Ophiacantha Brittlestar found in the depths off of Australia, these brittlestars are often found in huge masses that cover the entire area of sea floor devouring as they migrate together.

Sea Spider

Sea Spider found between 3,500 and 7,000 meters below sea level in the Australian waters. Although this creature superficially resembles the spiders we know on land, it is actually an marine arthropod and is not related to aracnid.


This is a picture of the largest known scorpion found in India, which is aptly named, Large Scorpion. It can reach to almost 1 ft in length and weigh as much as 57 grams.


Glass Tulips are found in the icy waters off Antarctica.  These glass-like creatures are tunicates, which are plankton eating animals that measure up to one meter tall. They colonize the areas where icebergs have scoured the sea floor.

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