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All Out War on The Path to 9/11

John on September 7, 2006 at 9:11 pm

Liberals are in an uproar. Over the Jihadi plotters arrested in the UK and Belgium?

No, silly, over a movie that says the Clinton administration was insufficiently focused on the terror threat. Check out this post at Hot Air for a rundown of reactions including a not-so-subtle threat from pinhead Harry Reid that ABC’s broadcasting license might be in danger.

It strikes me how every time a film or TV show comes out bashing Christianity, we’re always told that freedom of speech is a supreme value. When Christians argued that the DaVinci Code was a transparent tissue of lies, we were told to settle down and stop taking everything so seriously.

Well at least the Dems are on record now. Protecting the “Clinton legacy” ranks considerably above protecting Jesus’ legacy. I sort of thought so.

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