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Summing Up the Last Two Weeks

John on September 7, 2006 at 5:04 pm

About two months ago I wrote a post critical of Slice of Laodicea. That resulted in a rather heated discussion with Jim Bublitz, one of their authors. Since then I have written about them several times. The discussion eventually even made it (obliquely) into a Slicecast (SOL’s podcast).

Nearly two weeks ago, my co-blogger Scott wrote a post directly addressed to one of the authors at Slice (Ken Silva) based on the forgoing discussion. That post has resulted in nearly 250 comments. Half are mine and Scott’s the rest are other bloggers and several are from Ken Silva himself. The discussion was, at times, frustrating for all involved. Eventually it spilled on to another blog run by one of Ken’s defenders. The discussion there ran to 150 comments. But while it was long, it was not nearly as frustrating, mostly because Tony, who runs a good blog, was a pleasure to talk to and is quite a reasonable guy.

It would be impossible to really sum up everything that was said, both good and bad in this whole discussion. However, Chris from Fishing the Abyss, who was also part of the discussion for the last two weeks, has written a post which pretty well summarizes where he stands vis a vis Slice at the end of this long slog. I completely agree with everything he says. So if you want the cliff notes, check out Chris’ post.

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