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David Broder: Can the Conspiracy Theories

John on September 7, 2006 at 1:39 pm

David Broder is one of the sage old men of the Washington press corps and is widely respected by the left. Today, Michelle Malkin notes his piece in the Washington Post which calls on members of the lefty media to aplogize to Karl Rove:

[C]aution has been notably lacking in some of the press treatment of this subject — especially when it comes to Karl Rove. And it behooves us in the media to examine that behavior, not just sweep it under the rug.

Broder then names lefty heroes Sid “viscious” Blumenthal, Newsweek and Joe Conason. Personally I think he could have added a lot of bloggers to that list including Jason Leopold at Truthout and hundreds if not thousands of diarists at Daily Kos. Broder ends his piece this way:

These and other publications owe Karl Rove an apology. And all of journalism needs to relearn the lesson: Can the conspiracy theories and stick to the facts.

That’s a truly interesting idea, David. What if “can” all the conspiracy theories not just from the news pages but from the blogs and from the lips of Senators and Congresspersons. Imagine — in your best John Lennon way — a world without the following:

If we remove all the discussion of the “vast right wing conspiracy” — what is left of the left?

Update 09/08: Chris Matthews floats a new conspiracy twist to Plamegate.

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