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Canadian Doctors Perform Heart Surgery on Unborn Baby

John on May 12, 2009 at 7:58 am

From the Gazette:

A team of doctors at two Toronto hospitals has completed Canada’s first life-saving heart surgery on a fetus still inside its mother’s womb.

The experimental procedure was performed on March 19 by doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in an effort to widen the baby’s aortic valve which had been severely narrowed.

The fetus was only 30 weeks old at that time when the doctors, guided by an ultrasound, inserted a needle through the mother’s abdomen, into the uterus and precisely into its heart.

The surgeons inflated a balloon into the heart valve and immediately saw the blood begin to flow. The heart was only about the size of a grape.

The surgery was also done with the mother wide-awake and the father by her side.

Oceane McKenzie is now three weeks old. She was delivered on April 15.

Since her birth, she has undergone two additional surgeries, from which doctors expect her to make a full recovery.

A 30 week “fetus” is a human person. If you think otherwise, you’re an idiot.

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