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Judge to Plame: You’re Not So Secret

John on August 26, 2006 at 9:43 pm

Yesterday the Smoking Gun got hold of an order issued in the Plamegate civil suit. Seems Joe and Val had asked not to have their residential address on the appropriate paperwork as is required. The request was made:

[O]ut of respect for [their] privacy in light of their public visibility.

Yesterday the judge replied with a firm no. Here’s the amusing part:

[T]he implicit premise of the plantiff’s motion — that their residential address is confidential — is questionalble. In less than thirty minutes, the Court was able to ascertain plantiff’s residentail address from multiple publicly available sources, including a database of federal government records. Indeed, an attorney who filed this motion on plantiff’s behalf has stated in a nationally circulated newspaper that he is plantiff’s next-door neighbor, and the residential address of that attorney is also readily available.

Another not-so-secret secret the Wilsons were keeping. Still, it’s not as ridiculous as accepting $2.5 million to write a tell-all book, doing a cheesy Vanity Fair photoshoot and then suing over your public exposure.

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