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Infamy as a Marketing Tool? WOW!

Scott on August 26, 2006 at 9:06 am

In India, a restaurant owner decided that the whole “even bad publicity is good publicity” idea was worth a gamble. He named his restaurant “Hitler’s Cross” and it comes complete with pictures of “der Furer” along with swastikas.hitlers-cross-at-night.jpg

I wonder what the other restaurant “stuff” looks like. Are the cocktail napkins emblazoned with the symbol for the SS? Instead of umbrellas in their fruity drinks, perhaps they have little swastika flags. And how ’bout, for the restrooms, they could mark the Men’s Room with a picture of Hitler and the Women’s Room with a picture of Eva Braun (Hitler’s mistress).

Hitler's Cross Restaurant in IndiaTheir menu could also be themed. They could offer items like “Jew Blackened Sea Bass” and “The Russian Front Ice cream Sundae.” They could brag that they flash cook their steaks in blast furnaces guaranteed to be as hot as the furnaces of Dachau. (OK, this IS India so I don’t know how many steaks they’ll be cooking…but you get the idea).

(B.T.W. – My comments/suggestions are not to be taken seriously in any way. They are in poor taste intentionally to show the complete absurdity of what this guy in India has done. Please don’t send me hate comments about my insensitivity to what the Jews went through in WWII.)

To go along with this AMAZINGLY BAD idea, I thought of a few other marketing tie-ins for the infamous people of our world:

- A vegetarian restaurant could be called “Dahmer’s Place” (after serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer)

- A deli could be called “Amin’s Eatery” (after Uganda’s notorious tyrant of the 70′s)

- How about naming some sort of investment or financial institution “The Bennedict Arnold Investment and Financial Trust” company. Then you get the hint of history (as you do with Benjamin Franklin or John Hancock) with a touch of badness and uncertainty. Their tag line could be, “Benedict Arnold…a name you know with a trust you don’t.

- I would like to see a fireworks stand go up with a name like “Kim Jung Il’s Way Out and Wacky Fireworks.” They could guarantee that somewhere in one of the boxes of fireworks is the secret prize of a real working nuke.

Anyone else have any ideas?

John Adds:

Stalin’s Summer Camp for Troubled Teens

Lenin’s All-You-Can-Eat Dirt Bar

Robespierre’s Haberdashery (Think about it)

Pol Pot’s Eco-Tours

Mao’s Little Red Bookshop

Che’ Guevera’s T-Shirt Emporium (paintball executions daily!)

(and on a far less infamous but similar note )

Bill Clinton’s 1-hour Dry Cleaner

Scott Adds:

John’s idea of Mao’s Little Red Bookshop is the BEST! If I had some milk, I would be squirting it out my nose right now!

To the list I would also add:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s House of Women’s Clothing

David Duke’s House of Waffles and Fried Chicken

Kadafi Extra Strength Aspirin (wait for it…wait for it…there it is)

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