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Rick Warren: Back in the USA

John on August 25, 2006 at 12:46 am

Rick Warren just returned from a 48 day 14 nation tour. The Christian Post has a post-tour interview that’s worth reading. In particular I note his response to a question about his possible trip to North Korea:

I have been encouraged by the church in South Korea to take any opportunity I can to speak in North Korea. There was an invitation for me to come to North Korea next year and speak at the 100th anniversary of the Pyongyang revival. The committee invited me to come and be a part of that. I haven’t heard anything lately on it but I go not for political reasons; I go to share the good news. I go wherever I’m invited and if I get invited there and they don’t limit what I say, I’m happy to go. I would look forward to that honor and opportunity.

Warren was also criticized recently for his decision to speak at a high-profile AIDS conference. I found his discussion of what he said there very encouraging. For those that think Warren is compromising, read what he said to gay rights leaders. His solution for stopping AIDS:

S – Save sex for marriage

T – Train men to treat women with respect (“Only Jesus can transform a man’s heart.”)

O – Offer nutrition and medication through chruches

P – Pledge yourself to one partner

Nothing watered down about that.

Imagine a world, a decade or so from now, where AIDS and malaria have been significantly knocked down thanks to the sacrificial efforts of the worldwide church. Tens of thousands of children who will not be orphaned. Millions who will simply live rather than die. And as we help those in need, the name of Jesus receives glory before the whole world.

That’s a goal worth working for.

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