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The NY Times Done Good (no really…)

John on August 21, 2006 at 11:35 pm

We’re pretty hard on the NY Times around here. I don’t have much respect for their senior editor or their owner. That said, you can’t deny that it can be (or could be) a great paper.

The Times just completed a four month investigation on pedophile activity online which should be mandatory reading for parents, citizens, lumpen mesomorphs, etc. The piece is long enough that it was split into two parts. It’s worth reading it all though to see how these creeps think and operate. It will make you angry but, for once, not at the bias in the Times’ reporting.

Part one.

Part two.

The Times done good. I’d love to add a snarky comment here, but I can’t top what SeeDubya at JunkYardBlog already said: “I need to go fire up the snowplow in hell.”

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