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No Charges Filed in Infanticide Case

John on August 19, 2006 at 8:54 pm

Just a few days ago I wrote about Palm Beach, Florida’s Democratic DA Bruce Krischer. Bruce is seeking to deep-six an indictment of billionaire child-molester (alleged child-molester at this moment, but there are multiple witnesses that say he’s guilty) and Democratic donor Jeffrey Epstein.

Today I read this two day old piece by Jill Stanek over at World Net Daily. It details the latest facts coming out of neighboring Miami-Dade county, where last month a dead baby was found at an abortion clinic:

On July 20, police in Hialeah, Fla., were called to a crime scene where at least two eyewitnesses later identified a person who zipped a moving baby gasping for air into a biohazard bag and dumped the baby in the trash.

Twenty-seven days later, that murderer has not been arrested.

Furthermore, witnesses have alleged additional crimes of obstructing justice and tampering with evidence.

But the wrinkle is these crimes were committed at an abortion mill by a clinic worker, and the victim was a live aborted baby. The wheels of justice move slowly, sometimes never, when it comes to crimes committed by abortionists.

While the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 clarified that a living baby, no matter what gestational age or circumstance of birth, is a legal person, Miami-Dade state attorneys have been reticent to press charges against the Hialeah baby’s murderer.

In fact, they are still questioning whether a murder was committed at all.

Hialeah Deputy Police Chief Mark Overton told me the medical examiner has determined the baby was born alive.

I encourage you to read the whole article. The evidence of infanticide and obstruction of justice (demonstrating knowlege of guilt) are overwhelming.

Palm Beach and Miami-Dade…one is giving the wink and nod to a rich child molester, the other to infanticide. Hey, aren’t these the same counties that we were supposed to trust with a Presidential election recount a few years ago?

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