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The New 2010 Chrysler Lineup

John on May 1, 2009 at 3:22 pm

President Obama has announced that Chrysler will merge with Fiat or else. In an effort to avoid falling afoul of the new CEO of everything, Chrysler designers have quickly put together a plan to market new, energy efficient cars here in the USA. Through a friend of a friend, I got some pics of what they have planned.

First up a trio of sporty “smart cars” designed to appeal to first time buyers, like college kids and the elderly:

Mole Rat

Chrysler Eunuch

And for the retro crowd…

Chrysler '1979-Civic'

Moving up the line we have some eco-friendly entries guaranteed to have the carbon footprint of a Chinese foot binder:

Chrysler Coma

Chrysler Feeble

Chrysler Appeaser

Of course Chrysler hasn’t forgotten the family market:

Chrysler Pucker

Chrysler Short Bus

And for the family that demands the ultimate in luxury…

Grande Shame

A new sedan that says “I’m independent!”:

Enchanted MSM

And finally, for the CEO who knows the right word, like the right car, doesn’t happen off-the-cuff:


Looking at these cars it’s hard to argue with the wisdom of President Obama’s plan. Here’s hoping he can convince the new UAW owned GM to produce cars as smart, efficient and sexy as these.

[Note: All of these are real Fiat automobiles, the kind of cars Obama wants to see more of in the US.]

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