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Richard Dawkins and the End of Western Civilization

John on April 30, 2009 at 7:35 pm

Within about 40 years, Islam overtakes Europe. This video presents the numbers:

YouTube Preview Image

Notice that the basic premise at work in all of this is the well-attested inverse correlation between religiosity and birth rates. The secular nations of Europe have fallen far below replacement of their populations. The US, with a 1.6 birth rate is an outlier, but this correlates perfectly with it’s status as the most religious Western country.

As someone who has written a lot about atheism on this blog, I find the irony remarkable. The Richard Dawkinses of the world were an understandable reaction to the dramatic events of 9/11. The idea that religion is a dangerous force was given fresh currency in the wake of images of the towers falling on our TVs and in our newspapers. It’s no accident that “the new atheism” cottage industry in publishing doesn’t predate 2002.

But, strangely, the new atheists have focused their attempts to trample out religion on Christianity.  They have argued that this is simply the religion they are most familiar with, but it should be obvious that their chosen target is based as much on cowardice as convenience.

The idea that suburban churches represent a threat to civilization is too absurd for even Dawkins to promulgate. Instead he resorts to dishonest editing and sleight of hand. He talks about religious violence and sucide bombers (as he does in his BBC TV special “Root of all Evil”) and then cuts to scenes of Christian churches. No comment or explanation is given. He is tarring all faiths with the most extreme possible brush.

In light of the video above I think we’re entitled to some gallows humor. We can’t stop the slide of secular Europe into self-imposed oblivion, but we can at least get a chuckle out of the irony that Dawkins (who has compared himself to Churchill) and other like-minded anti-theists turn out to be hastening that decline. Far from bringing us a rational Utopia on Earth, they are in fact aiding the Islamists in their effort to over take the West. To the extent they succeed in poisoning faith, they succeed in destroying the very Enlightenment culture they claim to be upholding. Islam, as we now know, does not take kindly to the insults of public intellectuals.

I suppose it’s still possible that some form of militant atheism could arrive on the scene to defend the West and stop Islam at the gates of Vienna. Then again, people who can’t be bothered to have children — all that expense and mess and the endless distractions from oneself — aren’t likely to fight a war, at least not one that involves anything more than intemperate words fired at amiable targets.

[HT: Video from Hot Air headlines]

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