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On a Roll

John on April 27, 2009 at 9:12 pm

We’ve had a good week. Last Friday, Mark Levin picked up the clip of Barney Frank which Morgen brought to light and used it on air. The Great One also gave us a nice hat tip (unfortunately a producer gave him a misspelled version of our name, but close enough). That’s the second time this blog has been mentioned on national radio (the first being Hugh Hewitt).

It got even better today, Bill O’Reilly played part of the clip on his show (click to view):


Introducing this, O’Reilly just says “now we found a new tape…” He doesn’t say where he found it, but if you’re a VS reader you already know.

BTW, I didn’t tell Morgen I was posting this, so it doesn’t count as self-congratulatory. Well, maybe a little, but I think it’s been well earned.

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