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Healthcare Reform – The Battle Begins

Morgen on April 26, 2009 at 6:50 pm

John and I will be posting a series of articles in the coming weeks/months to highlight key aspects of the healthcare reform debate that is going on in Congress. In reality, the battle for the future of our healthcare system began with the last election. And given the outcome in November, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that major healthcare reform legislation will be signed into law later this year. Legislation which if the Democrats have their way will increase the government’s control over all aspects of the healthcare system, and burden taxpayers with the mother of all entitlement programs.

I have to say upfront that the odds are really stacked against conservatives to contribute anything meaningful into the final legislation – or to obstruct the Democrats’ most liberal plans. Unlike with HillaryCare in 1993, the Democrats are working from a much stronger base of electoral and popular support, and have also been smarter in formulating and marketing the details of their plan. But this is no excuse for being uninformed. If nothing else it will be important for conservatives to have stood for market-based, fiscally sound principles in the lead up to the mid-term elections next year.

I’d like to encourage our readers to actively participate in this discussion. Challenge us where you see fit, and provide input if you think there is an interesting angle that we are not covering. As usual, a significant part of our focus will be in uncovering relevant facts and background information you won’t find anywhere else. We look forward to the discussion!

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