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All the Justice Money Can Buy

John on August 15, 2006 at 8:56 pm

I wrote about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein here. In addition to being a patron of evolutionary science, he is also quite fond of teen girls. He was arrested in Florida for those proclivities a few weeks ago.

Today, Ace has an update on the case. The Palm Beach Chief of Police has charged that Democratic DA Bruce Krischer — the same guy who has spent the last year or so trying to nail Rush Limbaugh — is trying to throw the Epstein case:

The accused is a dedicated Democrat, as is Krischer himself. The accused, Jefferey Epstein, has donated more than a $100,000 to Democrats, including Hillary! Clinton.

Reiter wants to charge Jeffrey Epstein for four counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor with girls as young as fourteen.

Krischer was somehow only able to get a prostitution charge against Epstein from a grand jury, despite a house filled with hidden cameras and pictures of young girls.

Reiter is seeking the aid of the FBI.

Ace has more. The idea that this guy is going to skate because of his connections to highly placed Democrats makes me ill. Where are the Democrats who demanded Bush’s head because he had a relationship with Ken Lay? Lay was headed to prison when he died. Epstein should be heading there as well.

Anyone from the media going to ask Hillary and other Dem beneficiaries of Epstein’s bank account where they stands on this? Don’t hold your breath. Unlike Lay’s public excoriation, the media will let this one sail through unmolested (pun intended).

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