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Divided Over DaVinci

John on August 16, 2005 at 1:25 pm

This story is about churches deciding whether to cooperate with the filming of Da Vinci Code. Here’s the part of the article that interested me:

Lincoln’s dean, or head of the cathedral, the Very Rev. Alec Knight, conceded that the novel was “far-fetched and heretical” but defended the decision to allow filming. The cathedral in central England accepted a reported $180,000 to double as Westminster Abbey in the Ron Howard-directed film.

“It has clearly touched the public imagination, and the church needs to open up a debate about it rather than throw one’s hands up and walk away from it,” Knight said.

In other words, those responsible at Westminster Abbey said no to the money and refused to participate, but the Very Rev. Alec Knight thought there was no point in following suit. His reasoning — if I may interpret it — is as follows: It’s time for dialogue, so why refuse good money from Hollywood. It’s true they’re doing their best to promulgate an ancient gnostic heresy that diminshes Jesus and his church, but let’s not be close minded about this. Besides, did you see all those zeroes on the check?!

At this point a few reasons why this might not be the best course of action come to mind, but of course I’m not the Dean of a big church, just a layperson. But I sort of recall another decision — I think it’s in the Bible — in which someone in a position of trust decided to go with the flow and accept some money…I think the reasoning at the time was something like, “Why not take the pieces of silver, they’ll find him eventually.” One thing’s for sure, the price of betrayal has gone up.

For the record, a discussion about the book is a great idea Al (sorry, very rev. Al). Problem is you’ve joined the wrong side of the debate.

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