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Rev. Ken Declares Holy War on the Emergent Church

John on August 14, 2006 at 2:26 pm

Well, things over at Slice continue to go from bad to worse. You wouldn’t think it possible, but it is. Rev. Ken Silva — who I have had some good exchanges with — has now (and I mean this literally) declared holy war on the emergent church in general and Rob Bell in particular:

This is presented with the prayer that we will finally rise up O men and women of God and say: Enough! Enough of this neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church being allowed to operate within the walls of our Lord’s Own Church!

After quoting a bit of a comment left by a Rob Bell supporter, Ken adds:

Beloved, I ask you; can’t you see Satan’s hate for God’s Word and the blatant attack on Reformed theology here? I tell you in the Lord that now is the time to put down silly differences over petty labels and hear what has just been said.

The idea that Ken is asking us to put aside “silly differences” in the midst of declaring Holy war on Rob Bell makes me chuckle. But he’s just building up steam:

I tell you the absolute Truth, while on paper these vipers may give lip service to the authority of Scripture, they should know that they only fool themselves…This is a plea for us to finally throw these unregenerate rebels and Spiritual Pedophiles out of God’s House!

His last section is subtitled “It’s Time to Go to War.” (I told you I wasn’t kidding)

Brothers and sisters, you must awaken to the times in which you live and come to recognize these false prohets are walking in another spirit….I’ll tell you what you can do for Christ; take up your Sword of the Spirit and follow me. O the Lord be praised; we’re finally going back up to Mount Carmel!

Slice of Laodicea has issued its first fatwa. I wonder if Tim Challies, TallSkinnyKiwi, Doug Tennappel or any other Christian blogs that have these guys on their blogroll have anything to say about this. Just wondering guys. Is it really time for emergent Jihad?

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