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Rosa Brooks: In Her Own Words

John on April 28, 2009 at 10:19 am

brooksPresident Obama has appointed a former George Soros acolyte and far-left columnist as an adviser to the Pentagon.  As the Washington Times quotes one Pentagon official saying, it’s “like Lyndon Johnson making Jane Fonda a senior adviser on Vietnam.”

To really get a sense of just how far left she is, you only need go through a few dozen of her columns. You, good reader, have been spared this pain. Below is a sample of her ouevre:

  • 04/21/06 – In the looking-glass world the Bush administration has brought us, it’s the civilians in the White House and the Pentagon who have been eager to embrace the values normally exemplified by military juntas
  • 05/05/06 – MOVE OVER, battered women! There’s a new syndrome in town. It’s called “battered Congress syndrome,” and it was first identified by Norman J. Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute. It’s strikingly like those of “battered women’s syndrome,” only the abusive partner is the Bush administration…Admitting the problem is a crucial first step. Hearings are a start, but heck, why not a select committee to investigate possible basis for impeachment?
  • 10/13/06 – [T]his week’s news was a humiliating setback for the United States’ homegrown authoritarians — a.k.a. the Bush administration — who once pledged to keep nuclear weapons away from the “axis of evil.”…But like Kim and the Iranian mullahs, our own “Dear Leader” — President Bush — prizes ideology and loyalty uber alles.
  • 10/27/06 – October has been the deadliest for U.S. troops in Iraq since January 2005: 96 have been killed so far this month, and 2,809 have been killed and 44,779 wounded since the war began. It’s a good thing our troops have The Google over there — like Bush, they can use Google maps to recall how their hometowns look and wonder if they’re going to make it back before this administration sends them on any more misconceived missions…When it comes to Iraq, being a citizen in George W. Bush’s America is like being a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver.
  • 12/01/06 – If we’re serious about helping the Iraqi people, there are still some things we can do. For a start, we should withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq — something the bipartisan Iraq Study Group appears likely to recommend.
  • 01/12/07 – It’s clear that Bush knows perfectly well there’s no possibility of “winning” anymore, so apparently he’s seeking in Iraq exactly what Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger sought in Vietnam before the 1972 election: a face-saving “decent interval” before the virtually inevitable collapse of the U.S.-backed government…Bush’s “surge” is the “decent interval” redux. It’s too little, too late, and it relies on the Iraqis to do what we know full well they can’t do. There is no realistic likelihood that it will lead to an enduring solution in Iraq. But it may well provide the decent interval the GOP needs if it is to survive beyond the 2008 elections.
  • 03/17/07 – From the beginning, the Bush administration should have called terrorism what it is: an ambitious form of lethal and complex criminality that at times requires a military response as well as a political and police response. And it should have called KSM what he is: not an “enemy combatant” in a war but a brutal criminal, someone who, as Human Rights Watch’s John Sifton puts it, deserves the same fate as “child molesters and serial killers” — ignominious trial and conviction.
  • 04/20/07 – The Virginia Tech massacre was catastrophic for the victims and their loved ones, but, unlike war, it was not catastrophic for the nation. Yet President Bush — who refuses to attend the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq because that might “politicize” the war his administration started — ordered all federal flags at half-staff and rushed to Blacksburg to bemoan the “day of sadness for the entire nation.” It’s a good strategy. People busy holding candlelight vigils for the deaths in Blacksburg don’t have much time left over to protest the war in Iraq.
  • 07/20/07 – In 2001, administration stalwarts suggested that Osama bin Laden rivaled Hitler in the danger he posed to U.S. security and insisted that Al Qaeda’s power was so great that nothing short of a “global war on terror” was required. At that time, most experts say, this description of Al Qaeda simply wasn’t true. It was little more than an obscure group of extremist thugs, well financed and intermittently lethal but relatively limited in their global and regional political pull. On 9/11, they got lucky — but despite the unexpected success of their attack on the U.S., they did not pose an imminent mortal threat to the nation.
  • 08/03/07 – Once upon a time, you had to do something truly exceptional to qualify as a full-fledged hero: single-handedly hold off a battalion of enemy soldiers to allow your platoon to escape, or rescue 100 children from a Nazi concentration camp. But today, just showing up at your Army recruiting station makes you an instant hero — and getting yourself hurt or killed doubles your heroism, even if you were sound asleep when your supply convoy went over an IED.
  • 10/25/07 – Forget impeachment. Liberals, put it behind you. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney shouldn’t be treated like criminals who deserve punishment. They should be treated like psychotics who need treatment.The message: Fall into line with administration policy toward Iran or you can count on the U.S.A. to try to start World War III on its own. And when it comes to sparking global conflagration, a U.S. attack on Iran might be just the thing. Yee haw! You’d better believe these guys would do it too. Why not? They have nothing to lose — they’re out of office in 15 months anyway…
    The goal: Get Bush and Cheney committed to an appropriate inpatient facility, where they can get the treatment they so desperately need. In Washington, the appropriate statutory law is already in place: If a “court or jury finds that [a] person is mentally ill and . . . is likely to injure himself or other persons if allowed to remain at liberty, the court may order his hospitalization.”I’ll even serve on the jury. When it comes to averting World War III, it’s really the least I can do.
  • 12/06/07 – To most of humanity, the NIE contains extremely good news: If international pressure led Iran to stop trying to make nuclear weapons in 2003, it means that the Iranian regime is less dangerously crazy than it occasionally seems. As the NIE notes, it appears that “Tehran’s decisions are guided by a cost-benefit approach rather than a rush to a weapon irrespective of the political, economic and military costs.” In other words: We can probably cut some deals with these people. But to Bush, the NIE isn’t good news, it’s “a warning signal.” The report shows that “they had the program. They halted the program. And the reason why it’s a warning signal is that they could restart it.” So full speed ahead with bellicose rhetoric and punitive sanctions.
  • 03/20/08 – Anniversaries make me so nostalgic. I have to confess, though, when we first met I wasn’t all that sure about you. Remember those sweet nothings you used to whisper in my ear, about WMD and “shock and awe”? Did you think I was impressed by all that macho posturing? I never really fell for it, you know.
  • 08/08/08 – John McCain and Barack Obama should be urged to establish a high-level, nonpartisan “truth commission” with robust subpoena powers early in 2009. That commission should investigate, hold hearings and issue a public report on responsibility for torture, war crimes and other abuses committed during the Bush administration. Such a panel wouldn’t satisfy those who’d like to see Bush and Cheney in prison garb, but it would be a major step toward undoing the damage the administration did to our reputation as a nation committed to human rights.

What are Brooks actual qualifications for this position? I think you just read them. As BDS patient zero, she’s ready to “sit on the jury” of the Bush-era witch hunts. As Allahpundit might say, “What could go wrong?”

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