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FBI Adds Eco-Terrorist to List of Most Wanted

John on April 21, 2009 at 11:34 am

From the AP:

Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old computer specialist from Berkeley, Calif., is wanted for the 2003 bombings of two corporate offices in California.

Authorities say San Diego has unusual tattoos, including one that shows a burning field and proclaims, “It only takes a spark.”

FBI Assistant Director Michael Heimbach announced San Diego’s addition to its “Most Wanted” terrorists list at a press conference Tuesday…San Diego is the 24th person on the bureau’s wanted terrorist list, and the only domestic terror suspect.

The move to add a domestic, left-wing terrorist to the list comes only days after the Obama administration was criticized for internal reports suggesting some military veterans could be susceptible to right-wing extremist recruiters or commit lone acts of violence. That prompted angry reactions from some lawmakers and veterans groups.

This guy has been wanted since 2004. Is it a coincidence that he was added to this list today?

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