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Digital Housekeeping (Update)

John on April 20, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Just a word to anyone who logged on and couldn’t get the site to load. Bluehost had to reboot our server box for some reason. Everything seems to be working now and the sluggishness is gone.

Also, one of my posts has been picked up and promoted on Digg. If you’ve got an account there (it’s free) please feel free to Digg the story. Right now we’re the #3 story in the political opinion section for today and closing in on #2.

Update: Shortly after I posted this, my story on Digg vanished. I’m told by a Digg regular that this happens pretty much any time a story with a conservative take on things takes off, it gets buried by the liberal apparatchiks.

So even though my post was under the “political opinion” section of the site (which you’d think might allow for a little latitude of thought), it was too much for them to take. They buried it.

Digg is pretty well known for its strong atheist community. It raises some interesting questions. Given the chance, would these people run the country the way they run Digg? I suspect so. What’s the political equivalent of making opinions you don’t like disappear?

Oh, right…the gulag.

Digg has a digital gulag going and this afternoon my post got sent there.

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