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Hitler’s Bible

John on August 9, 2006 at 9:41 am

For some time, atheists and Christians have argued over whether Hitler was in fact an atheist or a practicing Catholic. Neither case has really stuck (for good reason I believe). Those that have looked at the record find Hitler quoting bits of scripture and then immediately twisting the meaning to suit his own vision, almost as if he were reading a different Bible.

As it turns out, that may not be far from the truth. A copy of a “Bible” specially prepared by Hitler has been recently discovered. This “Nazi Bible” removes references to Jews and to ideas like compassion. It replaces the 10 commandments with 12 different ones. Appropriately, “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not steal” were scrapped in favor of “Honor your Fuhrer” and “Keep the Blood Pure.” According to this story at Religion News Blog:

It was printed in 1941 by a company in Weimar and was shipped out to thousands of churches across Nazi-occupied Europe… At its height, a team of 50 worked on re-writing hymn books and the Bible.

I think this discovery should put to rest once and for all the canard that Hitler was a Christian. His beliefs, so far as we can discern them, seem to have been more influenced by Wagner’s Operas than by the Bible. It should also cast some doubt on the allegiance rank and file Christians in Germany and elsewhere had to Hitler. Although 100,000 copies of this “Bible” were printed by the Third Reich, only a handful are believed to exist today. As the story in the Mirror notes:

Thousands of churches received copies in 1941. It is believed most were destroyed by Christians.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Update: Exactly the sort of thing this post was meant to address. Charlie Rangel goes on TV and says:

“You take Islamic and you call them fascists, you call them radical. You never called Hitler a Christian fascist.”

There’s a good reason for that, Chuck. Dope!

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