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Fantasy Island: Obama Makes Weekend Dreams Come True for Chavez

Morgen on April 20, 2009 at 9:06 am

After years of trading barbs with U.S. officials, and generally trashing the U.S. at every opportunity, surely Hugo Chavez must have gone into the Summit of the Americas with some trepidation about how his first meeting with the new U.S. President would go. So after a weekend spent chumming it up with his new pal, trading knowing smiles and book recommendations, how does Chavez assess the weekend’s outcome?

The president Hugo Chávez called it “one of the greatest successes of our history what happened at the Summit of the Americas”… 

Obama Greets Chavez

In his speech at the civic-military parade together for the celebration of April 19, 1811…Chavez said that “these positions of strength, dignity, sovereignty and independence have been in Port of Spain, one of the greatest hits, one of the greatest victories of our history.                                 “Smiles, everyone…smiles!”

[Chavez] said that “it appears that the changes that began in Venezuela in the twentieth century, have begun to arrive in the Northern America.

“We are full of joy because it continues to advance the revolution in Venezuela,” he said. “Venezuela is free, [will] be free, and [this is] the only way we can balance the world.”  (Translation by Google)

Is there any doubt that what Chavez views as a “success” is his elevation in stature on the world stage without having to make any apologies for presiding over one of the most freedom-suppressing regimes in the world? The not so subtle message conveyed to world viewers is one of vindication for Chavez and his policies. In the text quoted above, Chavez even proclaims that socialism is now on the march in North America.

Obama surely must have known how glad-handing Chavez and making apologies for past American policy would send this message loud and clear to the world. Since I do not believe that Obama is this naive, I can only conclude that this is what he intended.

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