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Don’t Get Too Far Out on That Bridge

John on August 8, 2006 at 12:07 am

This morning I wrote about the excellent Adnan Hajj coverage at Powerline. This evening I think John Hinderaker made an understandable mistake in this post. He notes several pictures of a bridge bombing that don’t seem to make any sense and which, at first, don’t even seem to be of the same bridge.

First off, I agree with him. They don’t make any sense as a narrative. What in the world are those guys running back and forth supposed to be doing? They’re helping Hajj sell photos, that’s what. Seems like another case of adding drama to the shot. Instead of an extra dash of black smoke, in this case it’s men running.

Anyway, several people have already contact the Powerline crew and they’ve already addressed some of the questions in an update. I just thought I could add my two cents and clear this one up. Here are the four pictures with significant landmarks labelled:





Finally, I’ve overlayed pics 2 and 4 to show that they would indeed fit together (though because of the angle objects in the background are in different positions relative to the car in the foreground). I’ve also marked where the other two pics were snapped.


John at Powerline also had a 5th picture whose caption identifies it as, essentially, the same bridge. It’s clearly a different location. That one is a catch.

Powerline has been doing great work on this today. These four pics are the same bridge, but I still agree with them about the phoniness of these shots. The two guys Hajj captured running frantically back and forth aren’t rescue workers, they’re props.

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