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Smart Diplomacy – Cuban Edition (Updated: Castro Calls Obama “Conceited” and “Superficial”)

Morgen on April 22, 2009 at 4:40 pm

The Associated Press and other media outlets are reporting a breakthrough in warming relationships between Cuba and the U.S.:

It looks like the United States and Cuba are getting unstuck, taking tentative steps in a diplomatic dance that could resolve a half-century of hostility. Within the last 24 hours, Barack Obama, Raul Castro and Hillary Rodham Clinton have made a flurry of conciliatory gestures, and expectations for a thaw are soaring.

The head of the Organization of American States acknowledged the momentum Friday by saying he’ll ask his group to readmit Cuba 47 years after it suspended the communist country to support the U.S. trade embargo. Caribbean leaders said they would gladly provide neutral ground for U.S.-Cuba talks.

Apparently, the Administration has decided to offer the carrot of OAS membership to Cuba as a unilateral gesture of goodwill. From reading the early part of this article, this seems like a real breakthrough – an early diplomatic success for Obama and Sec. of State Clinton that will no doubt be echoed throughout the media.

However, dig a little deeper and you’ll see see what the Castro regime actually has to say about the prospect of OAS membership. Raul Castro, while meeting with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, was quoted as saying:

The North Sea will unite with the South Seas, a serpent will be born from an eagle’s egg before Cuba joins the OAS,” Castro said.

Hmm…that would be quite a thaw since he made this comment just yesterday. And here is what brother Fidel Castro had to say on Tuesday of this week about the prospect of Cuba joining the OAS:

[OAS Secretary General Jose] Insulza asserts that Cuba must first be accepted by the OAS before joining that institution.  He knows that we don’t even wish to hear the loathsome name of that institution, for it has not rendered any single service to our peoples. It is rather the incarnation of betrayal.  If one were to add up all the aggressive actions to which it was an accomplice, they would span hundreds of thousands of lives and several bloody decades.  Its meeting will be a battlefield that will place many governments into an embarrassing situation.  However, let it not be said that Cuba has thrown the first stone.  Insulza even offends us by presuming that we are eager to join the OAS.  The train has passed by a long time ago, and Insulza still does not know it.  Some day many countries will ask to be forgiven for having belonged to it. (emphasis added)

This is liberal foreign policy typified. They elevate bad actors on the world stage while making a big show about “warming dialog” and “diplomatic progress”. Meanwhile the Castro brothers along with their buddy Hugo Chavez are openly insulting and mocking the OAS, and have no intention of changing anything. Oh, they’ll talk…Fidel especially is never short on words. Now, thanks to Obama, he’ll just have a bigger platform from which to speak.

How about a foreign policy consisting of a little less Hope, and a little more Change? Now THAT would be smart.

Update: It looks like the bloom has fallen even further off the rose in Obama’s relationship with the Brothers Castro. Fidel had this to say in a communique posted today:

There is no doubt that the President misinterpreted Raul’s statements.

When the President of Cuba said he was ready to discuss any topic with the US President, he meant he was not afraid of addressing any issue…

At the press conference, as well as in the final meetings of the Summit, Obama looked conceited

When the US President said, in answering to Jake [Tapper], that thousands of years had elapsed since 2004 until the present, he was superficial. Should we wait for so many years before his blockade is lifted? He did not invent it, but he embraced it just as much as the previous ten US presidents did.  Should he continue down that same path, we could predict he would face a sure fiasco, just as all his predecessor did.  That is not the dream entertained by Martin Luther King, whose role in the struggle for human rights will ever more illuminate the American people’s path.

Obama – conceited and superficial? Wherever did Fidel get this idea? It looks like Obama needs to have his new pal Hugo Chavez intervene with the Castros to smooth things over, stat!

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