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Obama – (Mexican) Superstar!

Morgen on April 16, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Surely it wouldn’t be possible for the Mexican media to fawn over President Obama any more than our own drooling media?  Sí. Sí, es muy posible:

Although brief earthly visit by Barack Obama is, in certain circles, comparable with that in the version of the charismatic Pope John Paul II. The arrival of the character awakens passion, a strange sense of belonging that rises to the clouds of self-host.

Effect of progressive renewal of the U.S. presidency or unavoidable dependence on the powerful Obama arrives in Mexico with the aura of savior, a sort of admirable superstar of globalization, attractive, seductive: optimism, emotion dominates the historic public comment, analysis, appointments collectables (for posterity), the epistolary genre become newsworthy whisper to remember how fate geographical or overcome the traumas of our history.

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Magnífico! El salvador Obama!

Captain Obama

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