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Alice Cooper: I’m Not Worthy…

John on August 1, 2006 at 9:51 am

Alice Cooper, who appeared in Wayne’s World and occasioned the famous movie line “We’re not worthy” is a believer. Sixteen years ago, he quit drinking and said to God, “I’m not worthy.”

This week he made a bit of a splash in Arizona where his Solid Rock Foundation is helping to build a Christian teen center. It’s designed to keep kids off the streets and give them a chance to play music and interact with Christian youth workers.

I’m not sure how public Cooper’s faith has been, but I’ve known about it for almost 5 years. A mutual friend who played golf with Cooper once warned me I should never get him started on his faith or “he’ll talk your ear off.”

I think it’s great that the face of 1980′s shock rock is a believer. If you’ve read my recent post on the meaning of horror, it may even make perfect sense. So here’s what I want to know…When does Marilyn Manson convert?

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