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Take Down of the G20 Protesters

John on April 1, 2009 at 10:41 am

From the London Times:

[W]hen people – archbishops, G20 demonstrators, the preposterous psychologist Oliver James – attack consumerism, and as the credit crunch brings them bigger audiences and more credibility, I think they are really attacking something far more banal. I think they are dressing up their assault in fancy language – like undergraduates who get involved in college politics and start calling themselves student unionists – to make a prosaic idea sound impressive.

I think that they have looked back at 5,000 years of human history – at pestilence and famine and disease and degradation, at genocide and civil war, at fear and loathing, at bigotry and ignorance, chauvinism and dictatorship – and concluded that our biggest problem is… shopping.


[T]hey should start with an acceptance that in the long violent saga of mankind we have rarely done anything as benign as going shopping, rarely devised anything as socially advantageous as property rights and the rule of law, rarely enriched the poor or enhanced lives as we did by creating capitalism.

Protesting capitalism makes as much sense as protesting oxygen.

Good thing I didn’t say carbon dioxide. I think they’re against that too.

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