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Making Toddlers Cry to Show You Love Kids

John on July 28, 2006 at 2:32 pm

That appears to be the reasoning behind photographer Jill Greenberg’s new exhibition of kids crying inconsolably. She explains in her press release for the show:

The first little boy I shot, Liam, suddenly became hysterically upset. It reminded me of helplessness and anger I feel about our current political and social situation. The most dangerous fundamentalists aren’t just waging war in Iraq; they’re attacking evolution, blocking medical research and ignoring the environment. It’s as if they believe the apocalyptic End Time is near, therefore protecting the earth and future of our children is futile.

Jill assures us that no kids were harmed in the making of these photos. She would simply give them a lollipop and then take it away and let them cry. Well, okay, I’m sure the kids won’t be permanently scarred, but there is a certain strangeness to a photographer who wants to do this all day as a political statement.I wonder about Jill Greenberg. Who wants to make little kids miserable for art?

In Elementary school, there was always that one kid who liked pulling the legs off spiders. It made you wonder what kind of home life he had. Similarly, I wonder about Jill Greenberg. Who wants to make little kids miserable for art? Even if it’s just a lollipop, the point is the kids are really upset. As adults, we know that they’re going to have to learn to handle disappointment in life. But these kids are two.

I’m not calling for Greenberg to go to jail, but I’ll say this. I have two girls, one of them now two. If someone came up to her on the street and offered her a lollipop then took it away from her and snapped a picture of her crying…Well, let’s just say the camera would have to surgically removed from his posterior. It’s one thing to teach kids self-control and discipline in the natural course of events. It’s another to stage their misery for your own aggrandizement (and get paid for it).

Apparently, though, Jill’s like-minded friends are thrilled to have their kids involved in ART! Sorry ladies. Shakespeare is art. Raphael is art. This crap is just tertiary stage Bush Derangement Syndrome with a side of Christian bashing.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Jill and her husband have gone after Thomas Hawks, the blogger who brought this all to light, going so far as to call his employer (who has no relation to his blog) and try to get him fired. Did I mention that Jill Greenberg is a “free speech advocate?” I love the comments by one of the leftist art lovers in the first thread above:

The people complaining here are probably also the ones who breed the screaming monsters that plague us in every public venue.

Just don’t question their patriotism…oops. I mean their love for kids.

[HT: Malkin]

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