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On the Other Hand…

John on June 15, 2005 at 2:12 pm

So the autopsy results are out and all the usual suspects are having flashbacks to the Scopes Monkey Trial or Galileo’s house arrest or something. The details aren’t important. What matters is that science has triumphed over superstition, Republicans and creeping theocracy. Mark my words: Somewhere in Manhattan Michael Moore is downing a martini the size of a Buick LeSabre and working on Terri Schiavo one-liners for his next film.

So, yes, the facts are clear. Terri Schiavo’s brain was largely gone as a result of some mysterious incident in 1990. The media is painting this as case solved, but in fact both sides had it wrong. The autopsy showed no signs of abuse but also seemed to rule out an eating disorder, which is the theory that had been floated to exculpate the husband. I certainly don’t see how having no explanation for the collapse of a healthy woman in her 20′s constitutes a clean slate for her husband.

Randall Terry and others did themselves no favors. It’s never a good idea to stray from the truth. Sad, yes, but understandable, at least to me. Terry has been fighting for his pro-life convictions for 20 years. On that battleground he has fought many of the same people who were cheerleading for pulling Terri off life support. This is not the first time he’s been called a zealot.

Curiously though, when it comes to abortion science is never the issue. Abortion is about rights and choice. Does the baby feel pain? Is it a human being? Well, yes and yes, but put that aside for…well, forever really. Science has taken a back seat to politics for 32 years and the press has been extremely sympathetic.

Case in point, there are, at a minimum, 600-1000 3rd trimester abortions performed in this country every year. As best as anyone can tell (clinics aren’t required to report information) most of these are viable babies, babies that could live outside the womb if given that chance. At just 600 a year, I figure about 100 have been aborted in just the time between Terri Schiavo’s last breath and the release of this report. So when was the last time someone did an autopsy on one of those babies? Anyone want to speculate as to the health of their brains after their legally induced death?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the LA Times to look into it. They’re too busy writing pieces like the one on their front page 5/31 lionizing Dr. Bernard Tiller, the most notorious practitioner of said abortions (and Nemesis of Randall Terry). The Times has for some reason taken the story down, but trust me it wasn’t a biology lecture. It’s wasn’t about science. It was pure myth-making.

So that’s the big picture as I see it. It’s ridiculous at this point to even talk about people poisoning the atmosphere. When you have U.S. Senator Boxer standing on the floor of the Senate, as she did during the partial-birth abortion debate, and suggesting that parents should be able to make life and death decisions about their child even after birth, I think it’s time to wake up and smell the smog.

But the press continues to allow people like Boxer to have it both ways. When it comes to Terri Schiavo and cloning it’s about science vs. dogma, but when it comes to abortion and assisted suicide it’s about law and personal morality. Of course what these two positions really have in common is this: they both favor death.

Someone will in fact pay a price for the over-heated rhetoric expended on Terri Schiavo. Many someones in fact. And the vast majority of them will die with perfectly healthy brains.

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