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Rahm Emanuel (!?) Makes the Case for Ending Corporate Bailouts

Morgen on March 27, 2009 at 11:11 am

Found deep within the CSPAN archives, take a look at this video clip from 2006 as Rahm Emanuel makes a very compelling moral AND economic argument for ending the corporate bailouts:

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, he is talking primarily about corporate tax subsidies, but what are the bailouts if not corporate welfare on steroids?

Exit questions:

1.  How far Left is our President when Rahm Emanuel from 2006 actually sounds like a conservative?

2.  Didn’t the President’s Porkulus bill pretty much dismantle Clinton’s welfare reform that Emanuel speaks so proudly of in this clip?

John Adds: What happened to his concern for distorting the market and “picking favorites.” Haven’t we be doing a lot of both recently?

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