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CBS News Quotes Verum Serum

John on July 19, 2006 at 8:00 am

Melissa McNamara of CBS News has linked to my post The Onion vs. Reality. They also use a quote from the post about publishing personal information. Here’s a link to the CBS piece (the part about the Onion flap starts near the bottom so scroll down).

No doubt we have Dawn Eden to thank. She linked to my post and sent over 600 visitors to the site in two days. Thanks again, Dawn. Thanks also to Melissa who left a comment alerting me to the CBS piece.

Finally, I can’t resist making one snarky aside. A few sentences after the one Melissa quoted in my post is this sentence:

I hate to go down the “fake but accurate” road with this…

Maybe CBS news has a sense of humor after all.

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