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Huffington Post-Filled With So Much #@&!*#$@

Scott on July 17, 2006 at 10:04 am

I cruise past the Huffington Post every once in a while,…not enough to be up on everything they say and do over there, but enough to know that it is a site run by rabid intellectually effete snobs who believe (among other things) that: the great unwashed masses in the U.S. are morons, those people who are Republicans and/or who voted for Bush are only a few IQ points above a head of cabbage, it is IMPOSSIBLE for conservatives to do anything positive (ever), and the term “Christian Intellectual” is a contradiction in terms (imagine a light beer version of Daily Kos).

Anyhow, I zipped by HuffPost this morning and caught a short but intellectually impotent post by Martin Lewis (perhaps his parents were fans of the comedy duo). Its clever title, “A Mouthful of Shit from Bush.” It is, of course, about the “accidental” open mic situation that picked up President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair having a conversation in which Bush dropped the “S” bomb.

(At this point, I will say that Bush should know better than to say ANYTHING in front of a mic, whether or not he thinks it is on. These types of “accidents” seem to follow Bush and his people around quite frequently.)

Back to Martin Lewis: The TOTAL HYPOCRACY of this guy was enough to send my blood pressure WAY higher than is healthy for a 40 year old. I would almost think that his piece was a bit of satire a la The Onion, but based on the facile thinking demonstrated in this post and a few others he has written, I’m not sure if he is up to the task of generating the original thought and intellectual power necessary to create satire.

Martin Lewis’ post can be summed up in these quotes

The video of George W. Bush talking with Tony Blair at the G8 summit lunch is horrific and sets a terrible example for our kids. Not for his use of the word “shit.” No. I am disgusted that he would speak while chewing food – and that he chews with his mouth wide open…That is just such a bad example to set kids. I seem to recall that we impeached a President recently for setting a bad example to kids…

OK, so he’s NOT worried about the President’s use of “shit” in front of an open mic he’s actually concerned with the president chewing with his mouth full and with the bad example it sets for the children of our country. Right.

So, Mr. Lewis, it’s not about the “shit” (wink, wink), it’s about the bad table manners (wink, wink, nod, nod, know what I mean, know what I mean). That’s an interesting perspective, Mr. Lewis. Completely bogus and full of s _ _ _, but interesting.

Mr. Lewis, since you are sitting on that REALLY HIGH high horse, looking down on President Bush and anyone else in your line of sight (most of the world and the American public), perhaps you can explain something to me. Bush’s vocabulary and his table manners are enough to have you concerned about the children. But let’s look at what you and your posse are teaching the children:

What about the liberal (and not so liberal) left’s support of unrestricted abortion? What kind of an example does that set for the children, Mr. Lewis? Some would argue that you and your ilk who are such ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and the National Coalition of Abortion Providers are setting an even worse example than GW’s poor table manners from YOU children are leaning to appreciate the cheapness of life, to enjoy the beauty of unaccountability, and to ignore the future consequences of present actions.

What about the liberal (and not so liberal) left’s stand against anything that smacks of patriotism, love of country, pride in the national heritage, and acknowledging that our country is the greatest (or one of the greatest) in the history of civilization? What kind of example does that set for our children? Some would argue that when YOU support open borders, taking away money from the rich (and not so rich) to pass it on to the poor and those who don’t work at all, and the willingness to accept hypocrisy in the name of furthering your agenda (a la Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, etc), along with your stands against Judeo-Christian values, democracy, and the belief in absolutes, YOU are teaching the children that our country would be better off without protections, without the rule of law, without the opportunities that the wealthy provide as they generate their wealth, without borders, and without any sort of acceptable standards of behavior or moral compass. I hear that the Roman Empire headed down that road a couple thousand years ago. How’d that turn out for them?

And speaking of Bill and Hillary Clinton, I am assuming that your statement, “I seem to recall that we impeached a President recently for setting a bad example to kids…” was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Or at least I hope it was or you are a bigger moron that I thought you were.

Clinton was impeached for perjury (lying under oath). Furthermore, he was discredited for lying TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It really happened. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there is videotape of him doing it. He looks right into the camera and wags his finger and says “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” I’m sure the Huffington Post can get you a copy of it if you had your head under a rock during that whole, unfortunate fiasco.
During that time, you morally inept boob, it WAS argued that Clinton’s behavior set a horrible example for kids (which it did), but I don’t believe the articles for impeachment allow for a “bad example for kids” clause. But it certainly had an effect on the young people across the country. Perhaps you missed the marked increase in cheating in high schools and colleges during the years after Clinton’s fiasco. The justification if it’s OK for the President to lie and cheat, why can’t I do the same thing on a test.

Now THAT is setting a GREAT example for kids.

Since you mentioned Bill Bennett in your post, maybe Bill Clinton could write a companion piece to Bennett’s book “The Book of Virtues.” He could call his book The Virtue of No Virtue -or- The Book of Non-virtues -or- The Book of Viruses (OK, that’s probably a cheap shot).

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