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Verum Serum: State of the Blog, Part Deux

Scott on July 16, 2006 at 8:43 pm

Since John put up a great overview of the young history of Verum Serum, I thought I would highlight some of individual posts and multiple-posts-on-a-theme that we have presented over the past year. Some are John’s, some are mine, and some are cooperative projects.

It isn’t just the posts that have been good/interesting/informative. More so are the comments and exchange of ideas that have come out of the comments.

I can’t wait to see what Year #2 will offer! Anyway, here are some of my highlights…

Antony Flew:

Highlighting Biola’s interview with Antony Flew, the “Godfather of Atheism” who has now moved away from that and towards theism/deism (depending on your semantic perspective).

Debunking Gregory S. Paul

Gregory S. Paul’s Missionary Journey

These two posts (and a couple other ones in later months) expose Gregory S. Paul and his “study” claiming that secular societies are better off socially than are pro-religious (and anti-evolution) America. We are still getting comments on these posts.

Demolishing Bad Anti-Intelligent Design Arguments

Unveiling the paranoia and hysterical undertone of extreme Anti-ID scientist.

Michael Newdow: Man, Myth, Doctor of the Universe

Newdow is Back — So What?

A look at the mentally-unstable/irrationality/bizzaro world of the guy who, among other things, wants “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” taken off of U.S. currency.

Mirecki Hates Christianity

Mirecki: Class Cancelled

Mirecki Resigns

Mirecki Takes a Hit…Literally

Mirecki Strikes Back

Mirecki Whines with the Best of Them

Would Paul Mirecki Lie to Save His Job

This series of posts take a look at Paul Mirecki of Kansas University who proposed a class titled Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationisms and other Religious Mythologies…the posts include follow-ups to the story including his claim that he was attacked by religious fundamentalists and beaten for his brave stand against I.D.

The Miracle of Our Existence

John does an excellent job of hitting some of the highlights in making the argument that our existence is nothing short of miraculous

Intelligent Design: A Story in Limerick Fashion

Just a fun chance to take a shot at the Anti-I.D. camp, using one of the philosophical and psychological weaknesses of their argument as a basis to tell an I.D. story (of sorts)

Atheism Hampers the Moral Efforts of Atheism

An excellent post by John…the title says it all

Advice to Islamists Everywhere

Where Were The Muslim Protestors When…

Islam’s Rejection of Reason and Rational Thought

Finally, Someone Credible to Speak to Muslims

Convert to Islam or Die

Smearing Abdul Rahman

Partially stimulated by the “Prophet Mohammed cartoon fiasco,” these posts look at Islam and the frightening logic (or lack-there-of) that one finds in this, the world’s second-largest religion.

Earth’s Hot and Cold Flashes

A look at the inconsistent presentation of science as relates to the state of the globe…in particular the 1960s-1970s belief that the earth was destined for a global freeze-over.

L.A.’s Cardinal Mahony is a LONG WAY from Heaven

A pet peeve of mine…the leadership of the Catholic Church and its hypocrisy.

Equal Opportunity Offenders, Pt 2

A Response from the Cartoonist

Direct Response from Jeff MacDonald

More From Jeff on the Capitalist Piglet Cartoon

Capitalist Piglet Cartoonist-A Monkey in a Cage

Capitalist Piglet Cartoonist Gets Semi-Last Word

Capitalist Piglet Defender…Shock Art is Good and Our Reaction is Bad

A series of posts coming out of the shadow of the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, but in this case focusing on the offensive presentation of Jesus in a sexually compromising position with a pig.

What Bible does Hillary Clinton Read

A post to expose the religious hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton (as if that was difficult).

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