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The Onion vs. Reality

John on July 14, 2006 at 9:48 am

[Welcome Dawn Patrol readers.]

The liberal blogoshpere is having a field day over a pro-life blogger who mistook an Onion satire piece for reality. Among those having a laugh is Stephen Elliott over at HuffPo. Actually, his commenters are having a laugh, Stephen is just having a BDS seizure:

Anyone else would have been embarrassed and taken the post down, except the blogger has no shame. Similar to the Bush administration that keeps insisting we are winning in Iraq…

Yadda, yadda, yadda. In any case, it is true that the author of the original blog post got taken. He did admit as much at one point, then later claimed it was all a joke. For the record, I don’t really buy his second take on this. I think he got taken in and is simply embarrassed about it. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse for publishing his contact info and encouraging people to make harassing phone calls, as several of his commenters apparently did. Still, that’s nothing new for the left. They’re all about privacy rights, unless you’re on the right. Then you’re fair game.

In any case, I’d like to come to Pete’s defense a bit. After admitting that he’d been taken by the Onion piece, he recites a real conversation he had with a pro-choice person on a college campus:

“[L]et’s say there’s a woman standing in front of you. Her young daughter is yanking at her dress pulling on it saying “mama” over & over, let’s say she’s a real pest.”


“Then, suddenly, her mother reaches down & strangles that child to death. Is that okay with you?”

“Might be.”

In other words, the things he’s heard from real pro-choice people are not all that far from the “fake” quotes in the Onion piece. I hate to go down the “fake but accurate” road with this, but you be the judge:

“I am totally psyched for this abortion!” – The Onion


“I didn’t know what to think about it at first, but the more and closer I looked at it, the more I thought it had to be the single neatest thing I had ever seen.” – Blogger Melissa describing her reaction to seeing her embryo in the toilet after having an RU-486 chemical abortion, Dawn Eden highlighted Melissa’s post which was later taken down.

So, to all of you pro-lifers who are trying to rain on my parade, keep it to yourself, because I don’t have the time for that kind of negativity. I’ve got an abortion to plan… – The Onion


When she became pregnant this fall, Sarah, who works in real estate, was in the midst of planning her wedding. “I don’t think my dress would have fit with a baby in there,” she says. – LA Times, Nov. 29, 2005″ Offering Abortion, Rebirth

“It wasn’t until now that I was lucky enough to be pregnant with a child I had no means to support.” – The Onion


[N]ow I’m going to have to move to Staten Island. I’ll never leave my house because I’ll have to care for these children. I’ll have to start shopping only at Costco and buying big jars of mayonnaise. – Amy Richards describing what led her to abort two of the triplets she was pregnant with, New York Times Magazine, July 18, 2004, “When One is Enough

“Those pro-life activists made it pretty clear that, unlike me, they actually think abortion is bad and to be avoided. Are they nuts? Abortion is the best!” – The Onion


A 32-year-old college student named Stephanie, has had four abortions in the last 12 years. She keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. Abortion “is a bummer,” she says, “but no big stress.” – LA Times, Nov. 29, 2005

Pete should have stuck to his admission that he got taken in and not tried to cover it with “it was all a joke”. Still, it seems to me he was right about one thing. The line between real pro-choice women and The Onion is razor thin in some cases.

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