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Talking to Your Mom Can Get You Suspended

Scott on May 6, 2005 at 1:07 pm

Stories like this drive me NUTS! Being a teacher, I agree that there is vast room for improvement in the educational system,…but I don’t believe that the system is as broken or twisted as many pundits and politicos do. That being said, you read a story like this and it is hard NOT to believe that the adults involved are lacking in intelligence and/or common sense!

The short version of this story at is that a junior in high school received a call on his cell phone from his mother. His mother happens to be in the military and has been stationed in Iraq since January. As he talked with his mom half-a-world away, the happy young man went outside to get better reception. A teacher saw the boy talking on the phone and demanded he end the call since he was technically violating school policy. The boy told the teacher that he was talking to his mom in Iraq, and the teacher still insisted that the phone call end immediately. The boy refused to end the call. Insanity followed with the boy being described as “defiant and disorderly” and with him being suspended!

I PROMISE EVERYONE READING THIS….Not all teachers are like this. Most of us are reasonable and possess a lot of common sense and intelligence!

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