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We ALL Must Sacrifice…Except Congress

Scott on March 14, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Congress has the art of hypocrisy down to a science.

Unlike most of the regular folk in the United States, members of Congress have the power to raise their pay automatically.  No job reviews necessary.  No awkward meetings with the boss as to whether they deserve an increase for a job well done.  Just an automatic adjustment for “cost of living” that happens like clock work every year unless Congress votes to stop it.  That’s a pretty cool opportunity for a governing body whose approval rate sits below 40%.

This year, as the country is bending under the weight of an economy in decline, massive layoffs and rising unemployment, Congress had a chance to show some solidarity with the rest of the country by canceling this year’s annual, whether-they-deserve-it-or-not pay increase. Instead, this year’s pay increase remains on the calendar.

Speaker Pelosi says that the Congress already recognized the current economic crisis by voting to cancel NEXT year’s pay increase.

Nothing like leading by example.

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