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What Does Zarqawi Want?

John on May 14, 2005 at 1:04 pm

Great post over at Powerline blog regarding the reason for the current killings in Iraq. The author challenges the notion that the killers are “insurgents” in the normal sense.

If you begin by assuming the killers are “insurgents,” then you have limited your conclusions to some Vietnam-style political revolution.

The precedent for Iraq is not Vietnam, the author says:

Rather, the best historical precedents are the Aztecs, who turned mere human sacrifice into an art form by killing more and more and more people until they literally may have slaughtered an end to their own empire. Their intent was not to achieve some political goal; they already ruled. Rather, they developed the theological notion that the more people they butchered, the more pleased their bloody gods would be.

Read the whole thing, I think he’s on to something. Power Line: What Does Zarqawi Want?

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