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Belkis Gonzalez Arrested (But Not for Murder)

John on March 4, 2009 at 11:35 am

If you don’t recall the name, Belkis Gonzalez is the unlicensed abortion clinic operator who stuffed a live infant into a plastic bag after a botched abortion at her clinic in Hialeah, Florida. I wrote about her case more than two years ago here and again one year ago this week, saying:

It has been nearly two years since the police found the body. The evidence that it was born alive is overwhelming. Based on the Born Alive Protection act of 2002, baby Shanice had the right to life at the time she was stuffed in a plastic bag. Yet despite this vision of hell playing out in a Florida suburb, no one has been charged with her murder.

And that’s still the case unfortunately. Belkis has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license, not for killing baby Shanice. Ed at Hot Air notes:

The charges seem to indicate that Miami considers the live infant valuable only as evidence of Gonzalez’ performance of medical procedures without certification, rather than a live human being killed through her direct actions.

Apparently we’ve moved beyond the convenient fiction that aborition is not murder. Now we simply ignore murder when abortion was the intent. It took authorities three years for this pathetic response?! I wonder which wealthy pro-choice organizations have been running interference for Belkis all this time?

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