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Undercover in a Muslim Neighborhood

John on July 5, 2006 at 8:04 am

The London Times has an amazing piece up today. A muslim reporter spent six weeks undercover in the neighborhood where three of the London bombers came from. What he finds there is pretty disturbing:

[H]is kindness to me was coupled with a darker outlook on the wider world. I was shocked when one day at the Hamara centre he began explaining how the London bombers could be seen as martyrs.

“The western mind and the Muslim mind are two different psychologies,” he said. “The Muslim mind will see that this life means nothing unless I sacrifice myself for Allah.”

Speaking of another aquaintance named Jabbar:

“You don’t get anywhere with the dirty kuffar (infidels),” he told me, claiming there was a widespread conspiracy against Muslims and that the 7/7 bombings were part of it. “These brothers never did it,” he said. “And understand this. In order for America and Britain to go to Iraq they have to have reasons and sometimes, I’m afraid, if you haven’t got a reason, you make up that reason.”

The whole thing is worth reading. It confirms what Melanie Phillips has been saying about the pervasiveness of Islamic extremism in England.

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