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The Personal, the Political and Information Terrorists

John on July 1, 2006 at 9:03 am

Feminist author Carol Hanisch is reportedly the person to whom we owe the phrase “the personal is political.” It appeared as the title to an essay published in 1969 as part of an anthology called Feminist Revolution. The implicit connection between revolutionary politics and the idea that politics is ultimately personal continues in an increasingly dark vein today.

Michelle Malkin has an illuminating post today which is sort of a round up of left wing privacy invasion. The proximate cause is the NY Times publication of detailed information about Rumsfeld and Cheney’s vacation homes. As Power Line points out, this travel section feature seems innocuous at first, but one has to wonder why it was neccesary to point out where the hidden camera is located in Cheney’s driveway.

Michelle’s post goes on to describe a recent Huffington Post effort to publish home addresses and phone numbers of memebers of the Swift Boat Vets. The result was several threatening phone calls. HuffPo for some unknown reason needed four days to remove the information from their site.

To this litany, I think we should add the recent harrassment of Rush Limbaugh at an airport in Florida. Since when are details of such searches, i.e. the fact that Rush had Viagra on him, available to the public. Clearly, either before or after the fact, this was an attempt to embarass a well known conservative in the most personal way imaginable.

Rush handled it with characteristic humor, joking that he couldn’t understand how he got Bob Dole’s luggage. Harder to laugh at are the comments directed at Michelle Malkin (written about in her book Unhinged). Some of the vilest and most abusive comments I’ve ever seen are regularly left about her on liberal blogs, sometimes by the owners.

So where will this go as the midterm and eventually the Presidential elections gear up. If the personal is political, as the left seems convinced, there’s little hope this situation will correct itself. The question is how should those of us on the other side respond. We are increasingly dealing with information terrorists, and you simply can’t negotiate with terrorists.

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