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Israel Is Mad as Hell (and Who Can Blame Them?)

John on June 30, 2006 at 10:02 pm

Following the murder of two Israeli soldiers, the kidnapping of a third and the murder of two other kidnap victims including an 18 year old, Israel has finally had enough. Tanks rolled into Gaza Wednesday. Electricity, water and roads out have been cut off. The UN is warning of a humanitarian crisis in three days.

Meanwhile, the plethora of Hamas run parties, some political and some militant, have been trying to broker a deal whereby Israel releases (according to this report) 1000 prisoners in return for the release of the kidnapped soldier. Israel’s response is simply stunning. Turn him over unharmed or your Prime Minister dies.

Needless to say this is not going to go over well with the Arab street, which was already furious over the incursion. That said, it seems to me this is the right decision. The rest of the world may be content to play games, pretending that the militants responsible have no connection to the ruling party. That’s easy for those who aren’t the targets of daily rocket attacks. Israel has decided to pull the cover off the whole sham. They’ve even let Bashar Assad in Syria know that he’s on their list.

So let’s see what strings the Palestinian Authority can pull with the supposedly unconnected militants when its own neck is on the line. I’m guessing Cpl. Gilad Shalit returns home safely very soon indeed. I hope so. Afterwards, the “activists” (as the AP calls them) in Gaza will think twice before trying anything like this again. That, or Israel can make a clean sweep of the current slate of Palestinian leaders and the next batch may think twice.

Either way, Israel wins and terrorism suffers a big defeat.

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