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Frances Fox Piven: “We Have to Give the Banks a Big Scare” (Video)

Morgen on March 9, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Paging Professor Beck.

You know I have a feeling that most of the hard-core Occupy rabble are already “on strike” against paying their bills.

“The intransigence of employers”. You just have to love the mentality of these leftists. How dare these employers decide how they want to run their own businesses.

If you stuck it out through the end she is obviously very proud of herself. Only in Obama’s America would anyone consider it “honorable” to agitate for people to squat in property owned by someone else, and to not pay their bills.

I can’t wait for the Occupy mob to ramp back up again. They may represent the Organizer-in-Chief’s vision of America, but I am confident that most of America will see these people as the free-loading, socialist agitators that they really are.

Bring it on.

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