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Soledad O’Brien: Obama’s Shrill, Defensive Palace Guard

John on March 8, 2012 at 9:50 am

Listen to the desperately defensive, shrill response of Soledad O’Brien to this story:

The idea that Derrick Bell is just another respected academic is absurd. The man was a Farrakhan supporter, something Barack Obama was at pains to say he was not in 2008.

And Soledad’s anodyne description of “critical race theory” doesn’t begin to convey how far outside the mainstream it really is. One can still argue that Obama didn’t agree with Bell, but that’s a question that should have been asked in 2008. The media were too busy parachuting people into Wasilla, Alaska to bother.

Morgen adds. It would be pretty difficult for anyone to argue that Obama didn’t share Bell’s perspective on racism given how central Bell’s scholarship was to Obama’s teaching at the University of Chicago just a few years later.

John adds: Something I noticed this morning which our sharp-eyed commenters also picked up on. Here is Soledad’s description of critical race theory:

Critical race theory looks into the intersection of race and politics and the law.

Here’s the first line of the Wikipedia entry on CRT:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic discipline focused upon the intersection of race, law and power.

Coincidence? Remember, she’d just told her audience that people could Google it. I guess she, or her producer, did exactly that. We have more coming on what critical race theory is from an unimpeachable source.

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