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President Once Again Using the Tone Argument to Beat Up Critics; Media Rolls Over, Plays Dead

John on March 6, 2012 at 11:53 am

The media has given the President a pass on his new tone nonsense since January of last year. In the wake of the Tucson shootings, the far left immediately dragged Sarah Palin into the argument and let the left suggest the tone of discourse was the real problem. The media did nothing to point out that the tone from the left was just as coarse. And the President capitalized on it and his poll numbers went up.

Here we go again. The President injects himself into a political controversy in a way that transparently targets Rush Limbaugh. Then when asked why his outrage seems so selective says he’s not going to comment on the politics. Really?! This is apolitical what you’re doing right now?

As Kirsten Powers proved so eloquently, this is pure politics. I don’t blame the President for doing it, that’s his job. He’s supposed to seek his own advantage (and his opponents disadvantage). No, what’s sickening is our lapdog media that once again lets a Democratic President get away with things no Republican would ever be allowed to attempt.

Who is going to ask the President whether or not Sandra Fluke’s testimony is true? She claimed $1,000 a year for contraception? Is that realistic and if not should her parents really be proud?

Who is going to ask the President how he feels about Bill Maher donating to his re-election PAC after calling Sarah Palin a “c**t?” Apparently no one who has an actual job covering the President. The President will trash Limbaugh using the narrative created for him by the far left, just as he did Palin, and no one in the media is going to say a word. Disgusting.

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